Totes Winter Boots

A Stylish and Comfortable Way to Deal With Winter's Snow And Rain

Totes Winter Boots

Thanks for dropping by our website.  You are going to learn about totes winter boots for men, women and kids.  These boots provide comfort, protection and styling and they help take the misery out of those cold, rainy, wintery days.

They are made by the totes ISOTONER Corporation (yes the lower-case totes is correct).  That company was borne out of the Solo Marx Company established in 1923 at Oakley, Ohio just outside of Cincinnati.  In 1942 it relocated to Loveland, Ohio and added rubber rain boots to its product line.  These boots were dubbed totes to highlight their light weight and mobility.  They became so popular the name of the company was changed to totes (in lower case).  After a series of mergers and aquisitions the totes-ISOTONER Corporation is a world wide producer of a wide range of consumer products in addition to winter boots. They made the first folding umbrella, they also sell gloves, rainwear, hats, expanding bags and slipper socks.

totes winter boots are very popular because they provide excellent shielding from the ravages of wintertime snow and rain.  They are waterproof and manufactured using the best quality materials.  The basis of tote's production process is thermolyte technology.  Thermolyte is a wondeful high tech material that at the same time provides dry feet, warmth and comfort without a great deal of weight.

The outstanding features of thermolite fabric material are that it is lightweight, strong and waterproof.  The key aspect of the material is that it is made of hollow-core fibers which allows good air passage, more insulation value and breathability.  When wet it dries 50% faster than natural products like cotton and 20% faster that other synthetic materials.  It is also very light weight and extremely durable.  All these features make it an excellent material to use in making winter boots.

Thermolite was inspired by the fur of polar bears.  Developers studied the hair of polar bears in a quest to determine how they could endure the cold terperatures found in their northern environment with the hopes of applying the same phenomenom to making warm waterproof boots.  They found that the hairs of the bear's fur contained many small voids which insulated the bear from the cold temperatures without adding excessive weight to the animal.  This aspect of polar bear fur was used to develop a hollow core fibers used to make thermolyte which has those similar characteristics of high insulation capabilites with low weight and water retention.

Thermolite is used to create an outstanding line of winter boots for everyone.  
Their many women's winter boot models are named and are very stylish in addition to being very warm and comfortable.  One of the most popular models is the Evelyn Winter Boots.  totes winter boots for children give parents the assurance their little ones will have warm and dry feet when they go out in the cold snow and rain of winter.  Many of the boots for children have these features:

The selection of winter footwear is very important to a persons health and comfort.  In our opinion totes winter boots are a wise selection because of their features of smart styling, durable construction and ability to keep feet warm, dry and comfortable